Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Football teams

1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #28 by MikeT
MikeT created the topic: Football teams
I have two photographs taken at what appears to be the same match. I have no idea of the teams, players / officials, venue or occasion, nor does anyone I have shown the photos to. I believe they must have some relevence to the local area as they were with a collection of photos of local teams, and on the back they are stamped 'Laurence A. Sands, Photographer, Weaverham'. Can anyone help with any information about them?

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1 year 3 months ago #31 by MikeT
MikeT replied the topic: Football teams
Many thanks to Phil Chadwick who supplied the folowing information.

The photographs were taken at the Drill Field on 13th May 1950. The fixture was an end of season game : Witton and Vics XI (bottom picture) v. Harry Ware's XI (top picture).

Bert Trautmann was the goalkeeper for Harry Ware's XI, with Joe Mercer sitting in front of him. Albion's players in the combined town XI were Alf Ashley, Jack Robinson, Stuart Cowden, Frank Fidler, Jack Bowden, Albert Johnson and Eric Hyde.

Harry Ware was the Northwich Victoria manager at the time, later becoming manager at Crewe Alexandra. Earlier he had played for Stoke City, Newcastle United, Sheffield Wednesday and Northwich Victoria, among others.

Any more information on these photographs is very welcome.

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