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Once known as the biggest village in England, Weaverham lies about three miles west of Northwich, its nearest main town. The village takes its name from the River Weaver which meanders around it to the north and east. Weaverham was mentioned in the Domesday book, and at that time was one of the most important settlements in Cheshire. At present the population is around six and a half thousand.

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There are three primary schools, one of which has unfortunately converted to an academy, and a high school. There is also a special school - the Russet School - which also unfortunately has now become an academy.

Weaverham has two main shopping areas. There is a row of shops including two supermarkets on Northwich Road, across from Lakehouse field. The shops also extend into High Street on the other side of the road for a short distance. There is a shorter row of shops off Lime Avenue.

Weaverham now has four pubs : Chapels, The Ring O' Bells, The Wheatsheaf and The Hanging Gate. There is also Owley Wood Club, well known in crown green bowling circles. Probably the most well known pub in Weaverham was The Salter, which was demolished to make way for housing in the 1990s. The Hanging Gate, the most historic pub in the village, is also the newest, reopening in spring 2017 as a pub after being converted into an Italian restaurant that has now closed.

There are two main churches : the 15th and 16th century Anglican Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin and the more modern building that houses the Catholic church Saint Bede's.

Probably the oldest existing organisation in the village apart from the churches is Weaverham Cricket Club. Their ground is situated in the middle of the village on Wallerscote Road. The club currently play in the first division of the Cheshire County Cricket League.

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